Scripting Tutorials

Beginner Tutorials

  • Getting Ready to Learn LSL: Before learning LSL, it is helpful to learn the basics of Mobius Grid. Here are some pointers to getting started.
  • Hello Avatar: A place to try next after Getting Started in LSL.
  • A Basic LSL Tutorial: A tutorial for people who are new to LSL scripting, with basic tasks and LSL scripting terms explained in quick short answers.
  • LSL 101 The Wikibook: A collaborative project to create a “complete” narrative guide to LSL scripting, starting with no assumptions of previous programming experience, and going to … who knows where?
  • Chatbot: A short tutorial list of concise LSL statements that make a default wood box translucent and bouncy and then kick and spin it along, also a script to run such commands for you.
  • Building a dialog menu step by step: A tutorial for beginning scripters on implementing a simple menu dialog system. Designed to illustrate the basic principles in layman's language.
  • Video Tutorial: Script editor featurettes: Features of the inworld Script editor. Look at LSL Alternate Editors for external 3rd party editors.

Intermidate Tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

In-World Tutorials

YEngine Tutorials

External Tutorials

Scripting Tools

These tools are designed to ease the process of scripting, whether it's autogenerating scripts or helping you to edit them.

  • Con Wylie's Script Generator - Con Wylie's up-to-date tool lets you create a script in a few seconds. A easy to use interface helps you to create your script. this tool is updated weekly, so remember to visit to see what new scripts you can make! The tool can be downloaded for offline use. For when you are on the move a downloadable iOS webapp is just a click away with offline use as well

Books on LSL

These are real-world books with significant content on LSL and the process of scripting.

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