LSL Library

Come to this page to see complex examples that show how to combine parts of LSL.

Go to the LSL Examples page to see brief examples of how to use parts of LSL.

Why collect complex examples here? Well, …

There is a treasure trove of user-developed scripts that have become hard to find over time throughout Mobius Grid's web server revisions and redesigns. These valuable community-generated resources do indeed still remain and can be browsed/retrieved from several disjointed and disparate locations. While some links may point to duplicated, revised, or downright ancient wisdom, you may derive some enlightened perspective researching their hard-won, timely solutions we encounter day today.

The wiki medium is well-suited for a script library due to its revision based historical foundation. If you feel inclined to release your scripts to the entire community, there's no better place to preserve your work/love/energy/gift as a unified and cohesive repository. Feel free to add your script page links here as well as adding it to the Categorized Library.

Rules for submitting your script:

  1. Your script must be tested and working. If it's not, stick it in your user-space until it is. This is a list of working, usable scripts.
  2. Do not add scripts that duplicate the same functionality as an existing script or built-in function. If yours does, explain why.
  3. Do not list simple scripts here.
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