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Landmarks, teleporting, and SLurls

Landmarks and teleporting


Landmarks are similar to bookmarks or favorites in a web browser. They record a location within the world of Mobius Grid, so you can teleport back there whenever you want.

To create a landmark for your current location, go to World Menu > Landmark This Place or click the icon in the location bar at the top of the Viewer.


To teleport, double-click a landmark or a location on the World Map, or click a saved location in your favorites bar.

  • Map - Choose World > World Map or World > Mini-Map.
  • Using SLurls - Click on a SLurl to display the Place Profile, then click Teleport to teleport there.

To offer to teleport a friend to your location:

  • Click
  • Click MY FRIENDS
  • Mouse over your friend's name then click
  • Click Teleport

Your friend will see a message offering to teleport them to your location; they can accept or refuse the offer.

Note: Your intended destination is marked with a red arrow. If you get a message that you can teleport no closer, simply put the landmark on your Map and fly or walk the rest of the way.

You can also use the Teleport buttons in Search listings to access locations. See Search FAQ for more information.

If you don't arrive at your intended destination

If you attempt to teleport somewhere, but don't arrive there, the estate owner may have set up a telehub (teleport hub) to control where visitors initially land. The telehub will be in the same region as your destination, but will generally provide new arrivals with orientation and other welcome information.

Troubleshooting teleporting

Check maturity settings

Take off attachments

Teleport to mainland

Fly up, then teleport

Adjust firewall configuration

Reduce maximum bandwidth

Exit Mobius Grid and log in at your destination

You can set your preferences so that you can choose your login location, and then enter your destination so you appear there when you log in again.

To set your login location:

  1. Choose Me > Preferences. - Click the General tab. - Under Start location, choose Show on login. - Click OK. - Choose Me > Exit to log out. Then, start the Viewer again, and: In the login screen, under Start at, choose <Type region name>. Enter the name of the region where you want to go; for example, General Sandbox**

Click Log In.

Now you will log in at the region you entered.

Check for Network Lag


SLurls and landmarks serve the same purpose. The main difference is that a SLurl is simply a text link, while a landmark is an inventory item type which can only be used inside of Mobius Grid.

How to use and make SLurls

Converting a landmark to a SLurl (and vice-versa)

Setting your home and login locations

Home location

Login location

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